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Not Your Average Toy Blog

* Does your head swim, and do your knees wobble when faced with the walls of products in Toys R Us?

* Have you ever spent money on a toy or video game then been frustrated when a newer version is released one week later?

* Do you dread unboxing a ridiculously expensive toy only to watch it fall to pieces moments later as your child sobs in the floor, curled into a ball of blubbering disappointment? (warning: more melodrama all over this blog)

Yes? Then you’re in the right place friend.

I’m Laura, mum to two boys, surrounded by toys, and passionate about helping other parents buy wisely.
toy blogger
I blog about the must-have toys for Christmas and whether they’re worth your hard-earned cash.

I help parents look beyond the marketing hype, noisy television adverts and their kids’ pester power, so they can discover which toys to invest in.

I pull together information from across the Internet to help you investigate the big/expensive toys before you buy. I’ll take you through tips and tricks for hunting out toy bargains, teach you how to analyse customer reviews (the stars aren’t always what they seem) and help you decide whether to splash out on that one budget-gobbling gift your child is clamouring for.

You can keep in touch with the latest news about toys, kids movies, video games and more over on the Toy Tattle Facebook page and Twitter feed.

PR Peeps:
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