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Posted on Sep 24, 2011

Air Swimmers | Remote Control Helium Balloons – Fish and Shark

Air Swimmers | Remote Control Helium Balloons – Fish and Shark

Remote Control Helium Balloons

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it is Air Swimmers – remote control fish and shark balloons.

Air Swimmers are marketed as a toy for kids, but we all know that the kids won’t get a chance as the parents fight over the remote control.

They are directed with an infra-red remote control that can make them dive, ascend or use their fins to steer.

And the balloons are desgined to be refillable so the fun doesn’t stop when the blimp drops to the floor.

From the moment these were spotted at NY Toy Fair they were destined to be a huge hit, and now Toys R Us have named them as part of their Fabulous 15 Toys For Christmas 2011 line-up.

Air Swimmers Demo Video

Remote Control Flying Clown Fish and Shark

They are currently available as either a clown fish or a shark. Both models are 57 inches long, 36 inches tall and have a 40 feet balloon-to-RC range.

They require 4 x AAA batteries, and you will either need to buy a small helium tank to fill them at home, or take them to a local florist or party store where they will charge a small fee to inflate the balloon for you.

Customer Reviews of Air Swimmers Balloons

One of the huge advantages of shopping online is that you can check out what other parents think before you spend your money on a toy.

There is great variation in the number of stars left by customers, and while most really enjoy the blimps, some have commented that they were difficult to assemble, and not as hard-wearing as they had hoped.

Buy Air Swimmers Online

Air Swimmers are available to buy now, and should cost you around $40 each. Check latest prices and availablity now from Amazon.

How to set up Air Swimmers clown fish and shark balloons

Before you buy, check out this video on how to get started. It shows you what to expect to find in the box, and what you need to do before the balloons are ready to fly. It is worth watching just so you can see what they’ve made this poor guy dress up in to present the video.

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