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Posted on Oct 13, 2011

Animagic My Best Friend Benji Realistic Scottie Dog

Animagic My Best Friend Benji Realistic Scottie Dog

Animagic’s Benji My Best Friends gives you all the cuteness and none of the poopiness.

I am paying special attention to this animatronic toy dog, as my little boy has seen it on TV and is begging Santa for it.

Benji behaves just like a real puppy. He sits up, barks, wags his tail, wiggles his ears and eyebrows, and he can even play with his toy rope. When you’ve worn him out he will like down and have a little snooze.

Watch the demo videos to see him in action, and if you are looking to buy Benji, do check out the price comparison table at the bottom of the page for some great deals.

Suitable for kids aged 3 years and up.

Priced at £69.99.

Animagic Benji My Best Friend TV Advert

Animagic Benji Review Video

Online Price Comparison for Animagic Benji Toy

To find My Best Friend Benji at the cheapest price, take a look at this comparison of top UK online retailers:

Hands On Review For Animagic Benji

Father Christmas’s pockets didn’t run deep enough to provide one of these for Christmas, but in the run up to his birthday in March, I managed to pick it up at Amazon for just £15 (tips on how you can bag similiar toy bargains here).

The dog is surprisingly realistic, and every time I catch it out of the corner of my eye I do a double-take because it looks like my neighbours dog has broken-in (again). Benji is very cute, and soft and his little waggling ears, and swishing tail are surprisingly realistic.

The downside to all the animatronic cleverness is the noise. The mechanisms inside clunk and clonk whenever Benji springs into life. He does make little whines and barks which can be heard over the top. I’m sure most children could get so absorbed with the playfulness of the toy that they might not notice, but unfortunately my little boy has sensitive ears and our Benji has been relegated to under the train table.

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