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Posted on Sep 7, 2012

Cutest Interactive Pet Substitutes For 2012

Cutest Interactive Pet Substitutes For 2012

Every year FurReal Friends release a soft and squishy pet to melt the hearts of girls and parents alike.

Here’s Toy Tattle’s picks of the cutest pet substitutes for Christmas 2012:

FurReal Friends Bouncy My Happy To See You Pup

From – Hasbro

Price – $38

Description – Soft plush puppy that barks and jumps around in a circle. Responsive to light and touch.

Love it because – Simple functionality is still great fun but has kept the price down.

FurReal Friends Baby Butterscotch Pony

From – Hasbro

Price – $120

Released – September 2012

Description – Smaller version of original Butterscotch pony. Baby Butterscotch, has animated facial expressions, posable limbs, moves her head, blinks her eyes, and makes lifelike sounds. This FurReal Friends pony has sensors on her head, back and nose, so she responds in different ways. She is cuddly, nuzzles her owner, nibbles on her own carrot and makes snoring sounds when sleeping.

Love it because – $120 is a lot more affordable than buying a real miniature pony.

More info – Baby Butterscotch demo video and hands on review.

Animagic Huggables Cleo the Bunny

From – Vivid Imaginations

Released – Summer 2012

Description – Plush white bunny that makes cute realistic noises in reponse to touch or movement.

Love it because – As this toy is not animatronic, it has no robotic parts inside so it’s lovely and squishy.


From – Hasbro

Price – $60

Released – 16th September 2012

Description – Furby is back and this time he has a mind of his own. Sound, light and touch sensitive. Feed him, talk to him, you can even teach him to dance.

Love it because – This will be the biggest toy this Christmas. Buy one now or spend December desperately hunting for it in stock.

More Furby info here >>>

Last years big seller for FurReal Friends was Cookie My Playful Pup – an animatronic dog. Originally priced at $60, this was a popular toy, that received great reviews from parents. Now you can often pick it up for around $40 (new). Find out more about Cookie here.

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