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Posted on Sep 21, 2012

Fluffy Wuffy Animals – Cute Pets Without the Poo

Fluffy Wuffy Animals – Cute Pets Without the Poo

Which is it she’s asking for? A bunny, a cat or a puppy? No worries, these new animatronic toys for Christmas 2012 have got you covered.

These 3 are new for 2012:

Animagic Sasha My Beautiful Bunny, £30

I’m not sure that this pet moves. I can’t find a video as it’s so new, and the product details only refer to it making ‘bunny sounds’.

FurReal Friends Bouncy My Happy To See Me Pup, £40

Set of one of the light sensors and this thing bounce around like a 3 year old pumped full for cola and jelly beans.

Emotion Pets Cherry the Cat, £60

I’ve had a hold of Cherry she was a good size and weight for a decent cuddle. She muches on a fish, swishes her tail and makes cute noises. But if I am being honest, I still prefer last year’s Emotion Pets Milky the Bunny (see below).

If none of those plush pets have taken a place in your heart, then here is the best of 2011’s animatronic offerings, still available this Christmas, and if you are lucky you might find them at a discounted price.

FurReal Friends Cookie My Playful Pup, £80

Cookie Pup wags his tail, responds to sound and touch, makes puppy noises, chews a bone and play with a tug-rope.

Animagic My Best Friend Benji, £70

I bought one of these for my son, and you can read the full review here. It is so realistic I often do a double-take when it’s in the same room, but the mechanics inside are pretty noisy.

Emotion Pets Milky the Bunny, £60

Milky the Bunny is still my favourite interactive plush pet. I think the huge eyes look best on the bunny (bit creepy on the cat) and the body is so soft and over-sized you can have a really good cuddle. The bunny closes his eyes, wiggles his feet and trembles his ears, as well as making cute noises. Because the toy doesn’t attempt any complicated movements, the life-like affect isn’t spoilt by any noisy or bulky internal machinery.

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