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Posted on Jun 26, 2013

Anyone for Tennis?

Anyone for Tennis?

I have held off posting this article for so long, for fear of jinxing the mighty Murray and the lovable Laura Robson (don’t you know that all the best people are called Laura 😉 )

But if I leave it any longer, Wimbledon fortnight will be but a distant memory.

So while you are sipping the Pimms and watching the world’s finest sportsmen and women slog it out on some of the world’s finest grass, what can your kids do to join in with the fun?

Working with limited space?

Too scared to knock on the neighbour’s door and ask ‘can I have my ball back please mister’?

Then stick to a game of tennis where the ball is attached to a string.

Swingball were the originals, now owned by Mookie.

There are other brands available.

Before you buy, decide if you want to secure the pole by spiking it into the ground or with a weighted base.

Temporary court

I love this set from Mookie.

It lets you create your own tennis court in just a few minutes.

For £35 you get everything you need to play swingball, tennis, and volleyball.

Quite tempted to get one myself now.

Too cute to resist

Included just because they are so gorgeous.

This little racket and ball set from Melissa & Doug is perfect for beginners.

It comes with two raquets, a soft ball for tennis and a kid-sized shuttlecock.

It’s called the Tootle Turtle Racquet set, and is priced at £12.

Rain stops play

If it rains (unlikely in our glorious British climate I know), and you don’t have a sliding roof over your centre court, the play can continue indoors with a tennis video game. Top titles across all platforms include Top Spin, Virtua Tennis and Grand Slam Tennis.

Bad back?

Got a spot of backache?

Or maybe you just can’t be bothered to keep bending down to pick up those errant balls.

Then some scratchy velcro bats will save you the trouble.

For less than £5 you can get a pair of round rackets covered in velcro hooks to catch your tennis ball with.

Because you are using a real tennis ball, this game is good for practicing judging the speed, direction and weight of the ball.

I’m sure these were called ‘Scatch’ or ‘Scratch ball’ or something like that when I was a kid – children of the 1980s and 90s, shout to me on Twitter or Facebook if you remember them.

I’m done now, coverage is about to start on BBC and I’m yet to knock up my daily latte. Enjoy the match.

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