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Posted on Oct 1, 2012

Army Toys for Mini Military Men

Army Toys for Mini Military Men

When I was young, in my day, and all the other cliches…. we had a straight up choice between Action Man and GI Joe. Now the army genre of toys has grown a little more complex. But have no fear, Toy Tattle is here, to gently guide you through the battle-field.

HM Armed Forces

This is a current range and is widely available online and in stores.

The Character Building line of HM Armed Forces consists of LEGO-size mini-figures and construction kits to recreate scenes and defense vehicles.

The Charater line includes huge vehicles and action figures. The figures are a similar proportion to the old Action Men (we have both and at a glance I can’t tell the difference). The vehicles are big, because they are designed to be used with the action figures, and heavy. We have a tank, and the Thrust Jet, and a talking Infantryman, and my boys love them, and use them with their Action Man toys.

Basic figures can cost from £5, talking figures are around £20, and vehicles are around £30, but are often on offer.

They also sell some dress-up and role play toys.

True Heroes

This is a Toys R Us exclusive toy range, that includes action figures and playsets featuring all the classics boys love, like soldiers, cowboys, and pirates.

The action figures are 4-inches tall and the vehicles are proportioned to fit. There are also 10-inch (Action Man sized) dolls available.

Mega Bloks do a line of True Heroes construction sets.

Power Team Elite World Peacekeepers

This range has been around for a few years but I have only ever seen it stocked at small independent retailers.

It is now available at Amazon and The Entertainer.

The figures are 4 inches tall, with playsets and vehicles to fit.

The Lookout Tower (pictured) is 30cm tall, and comes with a rope ladder, rotating machine gun, and 3 10cm action figures, for £15.

Gi Joe

This brand was due for a revival this year but the new movie was postponed until 2013, and the new toys put into storage.

Until then you can pick up some toys from the 2009 film, GI Joe Rise of the Cobra, and the 2010 animated TV series Renegades.

Action Man

Although in its original for Action Man was a military toy, the dolls produced between 1993 – 2006 had an adventurer theme instead.

They are no longer available to buy as new, but you can still buy them in bulk lots on eBay.

I bought some last year and as they are good quality, durable toys, they have really stood the test of time.

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