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Posted on Apr 23, 2012

Looking for Avengers Toys UK – Juicy nuggets of information here

Looking for Avengers Toys UK – Juicy nuggets of information here

As I mentioned in last week’s new round-up, the Avengers Assemble movie gets its UK release this week.

I’ve spent all morning researching the new Avengers Assemble toy line so I can create toy trackers for my other website, and I stumbled across some nuggets of information I though my Toy Tattle fans would find useful.

I won’t go into detail about the range as you can head over to my other site to read all about the Marvel toys and where to buy them. But stay here, or come back afterwards, just long enough to read the rest of this article – I’m sure you’ll find it useful.

There’s a secret exclusive Hawkeye toy

There is a Hawkeye bow and arrows set available, but it is currently exclusive to the Disney Store.

The set includes a plastic bow and three foam darts that can travel up to 40 feet when fired.

I’m getting a feeling of de ja vu

As I was making may way through the toy range, some of the role play toys look suspiciously familiar:

2012 Captain America Attack Shield: Last year there was a Captain America Disc Launching Shield released to coincide with the Captain America: The First Avenger film. I can’t see any difference between the two models in the photos or product descriptions except the packaging.

2012 Thor Thunder Clash Hammer: Last year Thor Lightning Strike Hammer was released. Whilst the new 2012 hammer features sound effects only, the 2011 model had light and sound effects. You can tell them appart as the 2011 model has a little limp of blue plastic at the top of the hammer, which is where the light comes from.

2012 Hulk’s Gamma Green Smash Fists: In 2008, to compliment The Incredilble Hulk film, the Incredible Hulk Fists were launched. The set included two fists, and the right-hand fist in the set had motion-activated sound effects. The new 2012 fists are for appearances only, they do not have any sound effects.

2012 Iron Man Electronic Helmet: There was a version released in 2010 for the Iron Man 2 film. The new version looks a little more slimline, and will probably feature different phrases (just guessing here).

Why do you need to know? Well if your kid has been a long term Marvel fan, chances are they will have owned some of this stuff already, and might be disappointed to get another gift that is very similar to an already loved toy. But it is also useful to know because if you shop around, you may be able to pick up the old versions in either new or used conditions for significantly less than the new versions.

Delve into old Marvel toy releases

There have been Captain America, Iron Man, and Thor toys released in the last few years to accompany other Marvel films (like I mentioned above). If your child loves the characters but doesn’t have his (or her) heart set on a particular toy, you might be able to save yourself some money with a but of clever shopping. Some of the toy lines from those films may still be available in stores at discounted prices. And for the really thrifty amongst you you can buy them on eBay. Use broad search terms like just the character names or Marvel and see what comes up. You can compare the prices against those listed for the new Avengers Assemble toy line so you can see whether you are saving money or not.

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