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Posted on Jun 27, 2013

B-Daman Marbles Battle Toys

B-Daman Marbles Battle Toys

Toy Tattle introduces, B-Daman marble battle toys from Hasbro.

Say What?

Sounds like ‘be-the-man-, get it? But it’s spelled ‘B-Daman’. But it’s not Hasbro’s attempt to be down with the kids. The toy gets its name from the Japanese for ‘marbles’ – ‘biidama’. Consider yourself a little more educated.

Sets consist of scary Bakugan-style figures that fire marbles at each other (not too fast I hope, or this game will end badly in my house).

Here’s a Demo

From DadDoes blog at the New York Toy Fair earlier this year:

TV Show

Of course there’s a TV show with it.

The first season starts in the US in September. No word on UK syndication yet.


The range will go from a simple action figure for around $9, through to the Battlefield Arena (pictured) for $29.99, in August 2013.

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