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Posted on Oct 10, 2012

Baby Doll Stroller

Baby Doll Stroller

Toy Tattle helps you choose the best baby doll stroller for your child.

When you were choosing your baby’s stroller, didn’t you spend hours browsing through the designs, considering what features you need, imagining how you would use it, picturing your baby in each of the models?

Now it’s time to go through all that decision making again so that your little one’s baby doll can travel in style.

To help you choose the best model, first take a minute to think through these questions, then check out Toy Tattle’s pick of the best models available in 2012.

The color – Does it need to appeal to boys and girls, or can the color be gender-specific?

Age range – How old will the child pushing it be, and how confident are they on their feet? Toddlers shouldn’t be relying on a doll stroller for support while walking as the wheels can spin quickly causing the stroller to get away from them. Be sure to select a toy that is appropriate both by age, and stage of development.

Will you be left carrying the stroller? If you intend to go for long walks, and at some point your little on is going to leave you to carry it, look for a model that folds for storage to make it easier to carry, or to tuck under your own stroller.

Where will the toy be stored? If it needs to be kept indoors, then look for a model that folds.

Rough and ready or pretty and pristine? Will the toy be left outside in all weathers? Will it get dirty with mud or food. Don’t spend a lot on a beautiful doll stroller covered in prerry fabrics if you will get anxious about it getting messy – that will suck all the fun out of the toy. Look instead for wooden or plastic models that can be more easily cleaned and maintained.

Here’s my pick of the best doll strollers available in 2012:

Valco Baby Just Like Mom Princess Doll Stroller, $120

Best for classic styling.

Large, roomy, well-padded, high-quality classic pram.

For ages 3 years and up.

Chicco Doll Stroller, $40

Best for being just like mom.

Realistic looking replica of CT0.5 stroller.

With front swivel wheels, reclining backrest, hood, storage basket, and folding mechanism.

For ages 4 years and up.

Haba Doll Pram, £190

Best for toddlers, and durability.

Beautiful wooden pram, built to be a quality, durable toy.

Available in a range of colors.

This model is called ‘Flowers’.

Made from birch wood, with rubber-coated wheels.

Bedding included.

Suitable for ages 12 months and up.

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