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Posted on Sep 14, 2012

Baby Dolls To Put Under The Christmas Tree for 2012

Baby Dolls To Put Under The Christmas Tree for 2012

Whether you daughter wants her baby doll to be freakishly realisitc, or busy filling his diaper, Toy Tattle is sure to have found a a toy to please.

Here’s a run down of the best baby doll toys available to buy for Christmas 2012.

Looks like a real baby

This is La Newborn boy from JC Toys, who make spookily realistic baby dolls, but without the hefty price tag that you would pay for the collectible lifelike dolls.

This doll costs around $60 for a full-size 15-inch model, and $30 for the more child-friendly 9.5-inch version.

These dolls are very realistic, and be warned, are also anatomically correct.

Pees like a real baby

I’ll admit that the appeal of these drink and pee style dolls is a bit lost on me, but they must be popular with kids as the Baby Alive Wets N Wiggles doll (pictured) is a regular on the Amazon bestselling toys list.

This Baby Alive doll, released earlier this year, drinks from her bottle, then wets her diaper.

She will also wiggle when you play with her.

Originally priced at $35, but you can often get it for under $30 now.

Walking Baby Doll

The Little Mommy Walk and Giggles Doll (pictured) has been around for a few years, but continues to be very popular.

She can talk, walk, giggle and play.

Originlly priced at $70, you can usually pay around $50 or less for this doll.

Baby doll for a baby

For a little toddler, nothing is cuter, or more huggable than the Manhattan Toy Co. Stella doll.

The doll is available with a range of hair colors, and even as a boy.

Each doll costs around $32 and comes with removeable pacifier and clothes.

Suitable for kids aged 12 months and up.

Traditional baby

When I was a kid (what feels like a very long time ago), pretty much all baby dolls looked like this one.

For a good selection of vinyl dolls with pretty faces, soft bodies and no gimmicks, take a look at Melissa & Doug.

This doll is called Brianna, and costs around $20.

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