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Posted on May 5, 2012

Baby Jake Toys – Sorting the Terrific from the Terrifying

Baby Jake Toys – Sorting the Terrific from the Terrifying

Please believe me when I say I really wanted to love these toys.

Not suitable for those of a nervous disposition - Talking Baby Jake Doll

My boys are a bit old for Baby Jake (5 and 7 years) but that doesn’t stop them watching it every chance they get and chatting along with all the baby talk.

So I was really excited when at Toy Fair earlier this year I saw a Baby Jake toy display in the Vivid Imaginations stand.

The excitement grew as I walked towards it, but once I was within touching distance, excitement quickly turned to terror.

Although the programme has its weird moments, I can cope with it (much better than Dirt Girl World which really freaks me out). But there is something really disturbing about Baby Jake’s face being imposed onto toys. The image is not a perfect representation of the baby on the show, but it’s not a cartoon either. The result is a slightly creepy face staring out of a toy’s body.

But I appreciate that if you have a little Baby Jake fan at home, desperate for their own Jake doll, me telling you how terrifying all the dolls are is probably not that helpful.

So how about I run through the toy range and steer you towards the more attractive options?

Here goes:

Baby Jake Talking Doll, £20 – it’s not my cup-of-tea at all, but reviews seem to indicate it is popular with kids. At 26cm tall it is small, but well proportioned for little hands, and says 12 phrases from the show. Just don’t leave it staring out from a bookshelf at night or you’ll have nightmares.

Baby Jake Soft Toy Buddies

Baby Jake Buddy Soft Toys, £8 each – possibly the most terrifying toy I have ever seen. Pengy Quin the Penguin, Sydney the Monkey and Nibbles the Rabbit, all with Baby Jake’s face. Just why? Why?

Baby Jake Bumpety Bump Tractor Toy
, £20 – I found this toy to be the easiest on my eyes. Jake bobs up and down when Toot Toot the tractor is pushed along, and you can activate sound effects by pressing the steering wheel. You can compare prices here.

Musical TV, £8 – go to Amazon and read the reviews, then go to Toys R Us and read the reviews. I am not saying anything else 😉

Baby Jack Set of 3 Figures

Baby Jake Figures Pack, £10 – set includes Jake, PengyQuin and Captain Spacey, but unlike the soft toys, the animals have their correct faces. Spacey and Quin are actually quite cute. No lights or sounds, just a simple set of three toys so kids can recreate the programme.

Games – there’s a memory game, a floor puzzle, and a box of 3 puzzles. These were all boxed up so I didn’t get to play with them at the Fair, but at least they didn’t look scary.

Baby Jake toys are out now and available from most places that sell toys, including Amazon.

Did you laugh? Was it useful? Did I at least raise a small smile?

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