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Posted on Sep 21, 2012

Badge It Hands On Review

Badge It Hands On Review

The product: Badge It from Bandai, £20

The testers: Son#1 aged 7 and Friend|T aged 9, then later me and Son#2 aged 5.

Sent this toy to review by The Entertainer in return for an honest review – which this is, all my own words, no-one (apart from my kids) tells me what to do.

How to use it:
1. The top part of the badge, picture and clear plastic cover go in the first drawer. Slide the draw in, and twist the plunger down, then back up.
2. The back of the badge goes into draw #2, slide in, turn plunger down again, release, and you have a badge.
3. Push the safety pin attachment onto the back of the badge, gently twist so your badge is the correct way up, and it’s ready to wear.

How the test went:
Son#1 had a friend over for a play date yesterday, let’s call him ‘Friend|T’ and once they had spied the newly delivered Badge It, still in it’s box, there was no dissuading them. I had important work to do putting away shopping and pulling together a wholesome meal of burger and chips, so in an unusually trusting mood, I did let them get on with it themselves, since Friend|T is 9 and destined to become some sort of engineer.

Despite my concerns that craft toys are always in such girly colours, the boys didn’t seem to mind the purple plastic at all.

I gave them the box, pointed out the instructions, and made the request that if they were having difficulty they come and ask me for help.

I expected that a good number of the badges would turn out incorrect or falling apart while they figured it out, but both boys wanted to do this without adult help, and they knew a few badges would be wasted.

After about 15 minutes they came running into the kitchen proudly displaying a perfectly formed badge and wanting to show me how the machine works.

If you or your kids are more interested in the quality of the final product (we are more a learn-by-doing-and-to-heck-with-the-mess family) an adult will definitely need to do a test run, and then support the badge-making.

You can use your own pictures and cut them to fit, instead of using the included inserts.

This is a good idea especially if you have boys, because there is a lot of rainbow / cute animal themed pictures included.

To determine whether I think something is value for money or not, I like to avoid seeing the price, and decide what I would pay for it.

I decided £20 would be a fair price, and was pleasantly surprised to find that the Badge It is indeed priced at £20.

You can buy refills in packs containing enough pieces to make 30 badges, priced at around £9-£10 depending on where you buy from.

Highlights Can’t be bothered to read all 500 of my carefully crafted words – here’s the highlights:

  • Warn kids in advance not all badges will be perfect – learning how to get it right is part of the fun.
  • You can use your own pictures, then cut them to size to make the badges.
  • It’s really important that you twist the handle down hard enough otherwise the badges may look correctly made, but pop apart later.

The Badge It badge maker, from Bandai is available at The Entertainer, for £20.

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