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Posted on Oct 21, 2011

Bakugan Toys | New 2011 Mechtanium Surge Toy Line

Bakugan Toys | New 2011 Mechtanium Surge Toy Line

The Bakugan range of toys is pretty mind-boggling for us poor, ill-informed parents.

For the sake of your sanity and to help you quickly on your way to Christmas-gift-buying-satisfaction, I’ll just be giving you the highlights.

Know your audience

What you buy for your little Bakugan fan will depend how clued up he is on the cartoon. My little 6 year-old would be happy with with any Bakugan so long as it popped open when placed on a card, and he wouldn’t cope well with fiddly armour, vehicle or weapon add-ons.

On the other hand, my friend’s 10-year-old knows the names and battle properties of every Bakugan featured in the last four series. I would never attempt to surpirse him with a gift – he produces a carefully crafted list of the next Bakugan toys he would like added to his collection.

New series of Bakugan toys for 2011

The new cartoon series, and therefore the new toy range, is called Mechtanium Surge.

Everything in the new range of Bakugan toys carries the Mechtanium Surge logo pictured.

The range includes:

  • Bakusolo – single pack of Bakugan Battle Brawler
  • Bakutrinity – three pack of Battle Brawlers
  • Battle Suit – armour for a Battle Brawler
  • Bakugan vs Marvel – one Mechtanium Surge Brawler, and one Marvel character in Bakugan form

  • Mechtogan – transforming action figure
  • Mechtogan Titan – action figure with special weapon
  • Bakunano – weapon that you can attach to Bakugan, Mechtogan and Mechtogan Titan
  • Bakugan Extension Pack – 4 separate parts that can be combined to make 2-in-1 monsters
  • Bakugan Mobile Assault – vehicle that carries Bakugan into battle giving it a power boost
  • Plus storage tins, battle arena and launcher

Bakugan Gift Ideas

Your little Bakugan fan may hand you a wish list, but if not you can take some inspiration from these ideas:

Mechtogan Mechtavius Destroyer – $59.99 – This is not widely available, and is really aimed at the hardcore Bakugan fans. It is made up of four evil Mechtogan (Coredegon, Slycerak, Mandibor, and Exostriker) from the Doom Dimension.

Mechtogan Dragonoid Destroyer (pictured) – $49.99 – This is the big Bakugan toy for Christmas 2011, and no doubt will be the one that is near impossible to get hold of. Bakugan fans will recognize this as the most powerful Mechtogan made to date – you will see it as a 12-inch tall suit of armour that houses 2 Bakugan and fires 2 missiles.

Battle Arena – Season 4 – $24.99 – Snap together pieces to create an arena for battle. Different arenas are available for each of the four series released to date.

Bakugan vs Marvel – $14.99 – A twin pack featuring one Battle Brawler and one Marvel comic book hero in Bakugan form.

Buy Bakugan Toys Online

Check out the large range of toys available at:

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