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Posted on Feb 10, 2013

Mega Bloks launches Barbie LEGO-style construction kits

Mega Bloks launches Barbie LEGO-style construction kits

Barbie Mega Bloks Fashion Boutique, $24.99

Following the enormous success of the LEGO-for-girls Friends range, Mega Bloks have launched their owm female-friendly construction brick line, featuring Barbie.

The line is aimed at girls aged 4 years and up, and is compatible with other Mega Bloks ranges (of the same size, ot the jumbo pieces for toddlers).

The sets have been available for a few weeks now and on the whole, have receieved positive feedback from customers.

This video from Mega Bloks gives you the chance to see the sets in action:

I’ve taken a look at the sets myself, and I suggest you look closely at the photographs before you buy. Some sets are made up almost enitrely of construction bricks, which is what I would be expecting. Other sets, like the Luxury Mansion, are mostly made up of large, custom-molded plastic parts that snap together, with a LEGO-style accessories to decorate the inside. This is fine if what your daughter wants is a small-scale Barbie house to decorate and play with, but is less suited to girls who wanted a construction challenge.

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