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Posted on Jul 9, 2012

New Batman Toys For 2012

New Batman Toys For 2012

To celebrate the new Batman movie, The Dark Knight Rises, released this Summer, there are some seriously cool new Batman toys being launched.

But before you go running to the toy store, you may want to do some research first.

There are approximately two squillion new products, across almost one hundred different toy lines. OK, I exagerrated that just the tiniest bit. But there are a lot of different toy lines available and they are not compatible with each other, so you really do need to do your homework to figure out what toys would be best for your child.

Fisher Price Little People DC Friends Range – Batman Toys for Toddlers

Same size, style and durable construction as the rest of the Fisher Price Little People range.

Aimed at kids aged 1-4 years.

Prices start at $7 for a two figure pack.

Largest toy in the range is the Batcave (pictured), $35.

Toys are out now and available exclusively through Target, and Amazon (see link in box at bottom of story).

Fisher Price Imaginext DC Friends – Batman Toys For Little Kids

This line has been available for a while, and I have the rather excellent Riddler’s plane and Batmobile vehicles.

There have been new toys added in 2012, from small vehicles with figures, to larger playsets, like the Gotham City set, $45, pictured.

The action figures are around 3 inches high and interchageable with the playsets and vehicles in the entire Imaginext range.

Aimed at kids aged 3 years and up.

Ideal for younger kids who love Batman but lack the fine motor skills needed to enjoy the more detailed action figures.

Power Attack

This is a range of action figures and vehicles from Mattel that will be evergreen, so while some of the toys are tagged as ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ because they recreate a scene from the movie, the line will also have toys that do not bear the movie’s name.

The figures are 6 inches tall, come with one weapon each, and should cost around $12 a piece.

The vehicles and playsets are scaled to fit the figures.

The range includes the Total Destruction Batmobile (pictured), $25, tipped to be a hit this Christmas.

Quicktek – The Dark Knight Rises Toys

A range of 4.5 inch figures with interchangeable weapons, and vehicles scaled to fit.

Each figure comes with a chamber, which you place the figure in, then press a button at the top and it pops the figure out the bottom with the weapons attached.

Expect to pay around $12 for each figure.

The vehicles are $17 each, and transform between two different types of transport.

Suitable for kids aged 4 years and up.

Thinkway Interactive Toys

A range of infra red remote control operated toys.

The Batman and Bane figures (bought separately) can work alone, or interact with each other.

There is also 2 RC Batmobiles – a large and a small version.

Expect to pay around $45 each for the figures and large Batmobile, and $25 for the smaller vehicle.

Dark Knight Rises Gadgets

Kids can recreate the movie at home, or just pretend they know what it’s all about if they are far too young to go and see it.

Each item costs around $7-$10.

The range is affordable, if a little uninspiring.

Batman Hot Wheels

Yes, it’s true.

The two greatest loves of many boys, Batman and Hot Wheels, have combined.

There are remote control vehicles, die cast metal car sets, and a Gotham City Wall Tracks set (pictured), $35.

Batman Mezitz – Batman Toys For Big Kids

These funky looking dudes are aimed at teenagers.

Batman and his pals are available as 2 inch mini-Mezitz figures, in pack of 2 for $10.

You can also buy the Batmobile, $25 (pictured), which has a removeable roof so you can put your mini Batman inside.

6 inch Mezitz Batman also available for $12.

Get your Batman toy shopping started with this Amazon Listmania ‘Hot New Batman Toys for 2012’ list >>>

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