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Posted on May 12, 2011

Best New Water Guns For Summer 2011 – It’s time to get soaked

Best New Water Guns For Summer 2011 – It’s time to get soaked

Here’s Toy Tattle picks of the best new water guns of 2011 for cooling down this summer.

Nerf Super Soaker Thunderstorm
Two great features in one Super Soaker – fully automatic with a replaceable water magazine.

This is Nerf’s first fully automatic Super Soaker – no pumping required. A battery is used to build up the pressure needed to squirt the water, enabling it to reach up to 25 feet.
And the interchangeable water magazines lets you play without interrupting the fun for refills. The gun comes with one water clip, and you can buy more for around $4 each. Fill them up, carry them on your belt and when your gun is out of water just unlock the magazine and click in a new one.

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Availability: In stores and online now at Amazon.

Price: Thunderstorm MRSP $14.99

Banzai Dragon Drenchers
What you start with is a dragon head with a crumpled sock on the back. But attach the mouth to your garden hose and the sock fills with water, creating a two foot long body for your dragon. You then detach the beast from the hose, and charge around drenching everyone in sight.

Here’s the TV commercial so you can see it in action:

And thanks to the lovely people at Toy Quest, we now have a close-up photo for you too:

Banzai Dragon Drencher - empty (top) and filled with water (bottom)

Availability: Widely available in stores including at Walmart, Target and Toys R Us, and online at Amazon.

Price: MSRP $9.99

Xploderz Water Ball Guns
If you love the thrill of the chase, but not the cold, damp feeling of a recently soaked t-shirt, then Xploderz might be the water gun for you.

Xploderz guns actually fire little gel balls that you grow by soaking super-absorbent polymer beads in water. You get to run around and shoot guns, but you never actually get wet.

Xploderz XBlaster

We like the Face Off 400 pack as it includes two hand gun style Xploderz to kick off your collection.

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Availability: In stores and online now, including at Amazon

Price: From $14.99 for a single XBlaster with ammo

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