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Posted on Sep 21, 2012

New 2012 Beyblade Toys – Beywheelz & Destroyer Dome

New 2012 Beyblade Toys – Beywheelz & Destroyer Dome

Looking for gift ideas for a Beyblade fan? Let’s take a look at the new Beyblade Beywheelz toys for 2012.

I won’t overload you with words. Instead I will post a few videos of the new products in action so you can get an idea if these toys will work for your child.

Beywheelz / Beyblade Wheels

The correct term is ‘BeyWheelz’ so make sure you are using that when searching for toys.

Beyblades have had a make-over for 2012, and their redesign means they can spin in another dimension.

Like the spinning-top Beyblades, you need to assemble these yourself, spin them with a rip cord, and battle two BeyWheelz against each other.

But because they are designed to run on their side, you need a lot more space, a little more skill, and a different type of battle arena.

Each Beywheelz costs around $12, or $20 for a set of two.

Below is a run through of the diffent playsets / battle arenas available to use the Beywheelz on.

New BeyWheelz Destroyer Dome, $45
Includes the dome and two Beywheelz.

Here’s Hasbro’s official video so you can see how it should work:

And here’s a hands on review from the Beyblade Geeks so you can get an idea of how this works in real-life.

Beywheelz Crash Course Battle Set, $40
This BeyWheelz battle course looks easier to use, but I think you’ll be using up a lot of energy retrieveing your Beyblades.

Stunt Stadium, $10
This doesn’t come with any BeyWheelz included, but provides a useful ramp for one-player tricks, or two-player battles.

I can’t find any good videos of this toy in action because the Beywheelz move so fast over it, and travel so far that they keep moving out of shot. So here’s a picture instead.

Alternative Toy Ideas
If the new Beywheelz line up is filling you with dread rather than excitment, then there are two cool toys that were realsed for Christmas 2011, that are still available.

Both of these work with the traditional spinning top arena so you won’t need to worry about them flying through the air, getting stuck under furniture, or rolling into the street.

Beyblade IR Spin Control, is a remote control Beyblade. Originaly priced at $35, you can probably get one for about $30 now.

Here’s a demo of the Beyblade XTS IR Spin Control, from TimeToPlay:

For an attention-grabbing Beyblad, you can also still buy Beyblade Electro for around $15. These tops light up and make battle noises as they spin, and they can also read their spin-speed.

Go to Amazon’s Beyblade Store>>>

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