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Posted on Oct 21, 2011

BeyBlades Metal Masters Arena | Triple Battle Set

BeyBlades Metal Masters Arena | Triple Battle Set

The Triple Battle Set includes two classic BeyBlades, the new Metal Masters arena, three inter-changeable inserts to influence the battles, a left-spin rip cord launcher and a right-spin rip cord launcher – everything you need to start a battle.

The three inserts have different shaped grooves that will influence how the BeyBlades spin and move, giving your battle a new look every time.

The set is suitable for kids aged 8 years and up, and costs around $45.

Beyblade Triple Battle Set Video Demo and Review

This is a really thorough review from a true Beyblade fan. In the video you can get a good sense of the proportions of the arena and the three inserts that go with it.

BeyBlade Triple Battle Set Customer Reviews

This toy has been available to buy for a few months now which means you get to benefit by reading about the experiences of other parents.

The set averages 3-4 stars out of a possible 5 on both Toys R Us and Amazon. Parents especially like how the kit comes with everything a beginner would need to get started with BeyBlading making this a really good gift.

A few parents comment on the thin plastic. I don’t have one of these at home but my boys do have the Metal Fusion Super Vortex Battle Set which is made from similar moulded plastic. It does feel thin, and bends if you pick it up at the side. It won’t break during regular play, but you do need to take care of it when storing or moving the arena around. Do not store anything heavy on it, lift it while it has items placed inside, lift by pinching the sides, or leave it lying around where it will get stepped on.

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