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Posted on Feb 26, 2011

Bizu Beads Toy Jewelry Twists Into Animal Shapes

Bizu Beads Toy Jewelry Twists Into Animal Shapes

Summary: Take a look at the latest release from toy genius Spin Master, Bizu – beads that twist from bracelets to animal shapes.

This amazing craft toy lets girls thread beads to create beautiful bracelets or key chains, that can then be twisted into animal characters.

There will be 60 different characters available, but as the bodies and heads can be mixed and matched the combinations are almost endless.

Aimed at girls aged 6 years and over, prices start at very reasonable $3.99 for a single pack, and $9.99 for a deluxe pack.

The Bizu Style Studio ($19.99) will provide a great starter kit for budding jewelry designers. It provides a way to sort the beads and work out different combinations. It comes with enought beads and equipment to make four characters.

Toy Tattle really loves this modern version of a traditional craft which gives girls the opportunity to be creative, develop finger dexterity and patience.

Best of all it provides the opportunity for conversation with a parent over a shared activity.

Bizu Beads Demo Videos

How to thread your bracelet:

How to twist your bracelet into a character:

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