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Posted on Aug 13, 2012

Bonka Zonks – What the diddles are they?

Bonka Zonks – What the diddles are they?

Each Bonka Zonk is a plastic super-hero head that is designed for throwing at an arch nemesis.

As with almost every new toy, there are codes with each purchase so you can also play the game online.

Shhh – just don’t tell the kids, and they will be compelled to stay away from the screen and play with real toys in the real world.

It does remind me quite a lot of Angry Birds.

Watch the video and decide for yourself. This was the best review video I found – it’s from SquirrelStampede.

Expect to pay around $6 for 4 figures.

You can also buy huge Headquarters Bonkazonks, or the smaller Face Cases for storage.

To spice up the game you can buy a Stunt pack for around $17, containing pads to bounce the Bonkazonks off, and bricks to make structures out of.

Personally, I prefer to make up my own structures from a combination of Duplo and LEGO.

And there’s no need to limit your enemies to other Bonkazonks.

Any similar sized collectibles make great targets – Moshi Monsters Moshlings and LEGO minifigures make perfectly helpless victims.

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