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Posted on Oct 23, 2012

Bounce Bounce Tigger – New 2012 Bouncing Tigger Toy

Bounce Bounce Tigger – New 2012 Bouncing Tigger Toy

Do you remember Turbo Tail Tigger from 2005?

This new 2012 bouncing Tigger toy looks a lot like him, but is now made by Just Play, instead of Fisher Price.

I’m predicting that this Tigger, and the laughing Elmo toy will be the big sellers for little kids this Christmas.

Here’s the Bounce Bounce Tigger TV commercial so you can see the toy in action:

From Just Play

Fun and interactive.

Press his foot to activate.

3 modes: Bounce Bounce song, Wiggity Wiggity Wiggle – his signature move, and giggles.

If you leave him alone he will go to sleep to save on batteries.

Pressing on his head will activate special features.

Really bounecs on his tail, just like in the cartoons.

Tigger sings the Bounce Bounce song and says 16 phrases as he interacts.

Suitable for ages 3 years and up.

Tigger is around 12 inches tall.

Comes with 4xAA demonstration batteries only – you need to replace these to get the best from the toy.

Expect to pay around $40.

Out now, but not yet widely available, and I suspect will be tricky to find the nearer we get to Christmas.

I found him on the Toys R Us website.

If you hunting for him on eBay, or even in stores, do your homework first. I’ve compiled a list of his predecessors so you don’t get confused, or buy the wrong toy by mistake:

2012 Bounce Bounce Tigger (in packaging)

2009 Bounce and Pounce Tigger

2005 Turbo Tail Tigger Toy

Out of their packaging the 2005 Turbo Tail Tigger and the 2012 Bounce Bounce Tigger look almost identical. On the plastic on the underside of his feet there should be the name of the distributor. The newer model is made by Just Play, and the older version was made by Fisher Price. Also only the 2012 bouncing Tigger toy sings the Bounce Bounce song.

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