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Posted on Sep 15, 2012

Top Boys Toys For Christmas 2012

Top Boys Toys For Christmas 2012

Keeping yourself informed about what the popular toys are this Christmas, will help you make an informed choice about what to buy your kids.

It will also help you plan ahead – if you think your child will ask for a toy that will sell out and be impossible to get hold of then you can save yourself a whole lot of hassle by buying it now.

Based on my experience, what I saw at Toy Fair, and what my industry contacts tell me, these are my picks of the super-hot toys for boys for Christmas 2012:

Beyblade Destroyer Dome, $40

Pop your Beyblades through the holes, and because this battle arena is fully enclosed, they can spin in every direction.

Featured on the Walmart Top 20 toys for Christmas 2012.

Imaginext Eagle Talon Castle, $50

Opens out to provide plenty of feature-packed play space for two kids or more. Some accessories included, and the fun is expandable with characters and weapons available to buy separately (great gifts to ask Auntie and Uncle for).

Featured on the Walmart Top 20 toys for Christmas 2012.

Hexbug Battle Warrior Arena, $35

When I first saw Hexbug Warriors, I was at an industry event and had to sign a non-disclosure statement before I was allowed in the room – a fairly good indicator that this toy would be awesome.

The Battle Arena comes with two Warrior Nanos who fight each other with their attached weapons, until one Nano’s life light turns red, and his opponent is declared the winner.

Furby, $60

Clever color choices by Hasbro for the new 2012 Furby, mean that unlike last year’s Fidget Friend, this interactive, animatronic buddy, is suitable for boys as well as girls.

Featured on the Walmart Top 20 toys for Christmas 2012.

Angry Birds Space, $17

The pigs are wearing little transparent space helmets, which automaticly makes this game awesome.

A tablet, $100

I think the overall top-selling kids tablet toy will be the LeapPad 2, but I am in no way saying this is the best one and you should buy it. I’ve tried to give some food for thought in my comparison of the new Leapfrog and VTech kids tablets, and for older boys you may want to consider buying a cheap WiFi enabled tablet and loading it with apps.

Micro Chargers, from $20 for a track set

I got to play with some Micro Chargers way back in January at Toy Fair, and I thought they were awesome. They work by charging the tiny cars up with a device that spins their wheels really fast, then put them on the track and watch them go – and boy do they move.

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