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Posted on Aug 22, 2013

Bubble Buster Kazoo Bubble Bursting Wand Game

Bubble Buster Kazoo Bubble Bursting Wand Game

It’s the middle of the Summer holidays for The Sons, and we’re pleased to have the Bubble Buster game sent to use for review from Drumond Park.

What Is It?

Bubble Buster Kazoo is an electronic bubble counting wand, which is used to play with two children. The aim of the game it to burst as many bubbles as you can before the wand announces it’s the next players turn.

The game costs £9.99 and comes with:
* Battery-powered wand that counts bubbles as you burst them (batteries not included);
* Bottle of bubble mixture;
* Kazoo bubble blower;
* Small dish to pour bubble liquid into.

How It Works

‘Player one’ presses the button on the wand to turn it on, then ‘player two’ uses the kazoo blower to blow as many bubbles as possible until the wand announces it’s time to switch over. The wand counts only bubbles which make contact with both of the silver prongs.

How The Review Went

We struggled with this game a bit to be honest, because adding the element of competition really stressed Son#1 out.

Since the aim of the game is to pop as many bubbles as possible, we needed a regular supply, so I contributed to the bubble blowing with an extra bubble wand, which helped relieve some of the tension.

You really have to line up the wand so the bubble pops across both prongs, and you’ll know when it’s scored because there’s a satisfying ‘ping’.

I really liked the concept of it and usually we really love playing with bubbles. But for Son#1 and Son#2 adding a competitive element to the game really took the fun out of it, and they quickly went back to enjoying working as a team to see if they can pop all the bubbles I blow. This may be that s two boys, relatively close in age, there is a lot of rivalry going on this summer. They were much happier using the wand with just me, trying to beat my score, or better their own score each time.

Want To Get Your Own

For stockists visit Drumond Park, or buy online from Amazon.

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