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Posted on Jul 10, 2011

Captain America The First Avenger Movie Action Figures And Toys

Captain America The First Avenger Movie Action Figures And Toys

One of the huge movie releases for 2011, Captain America First Avenger comes with a fully-loaded line of action figures and toys.

They are available to buy now, in stores and online from Toys R Us, Target, KMart and Amazon.

Check out our favorites, and more photos below.

Toy Tattle’s Favorite Role Play Toy: Disc Launching Shield

Built in motor lets you fire the five foam discs up to 20 feet.

The shield makes a sound when you pull the trigger – great for intimidating your enemies- or warning everyone else in the room that a disc is about to be launched at them.

Check out Amazon, where they have knocked $5 off the price.

Toy Tattle’s Favorite Playset: Strikefire Ultimate Vehicle

Comes with three missile launchers that can be attached in various places and four missiles.

Also includes a Captain America action figure and motorcycle. Costs around $30-$35.

Toy Tattle’s Favorite Action Figure: Deluxe Mission Pack – Midnight Air Raid

Action figure comes with detachable jet pack that is in two pieces, then fits together over the figure’s shoulders.

Includes detachable missile launchers with missiles, and a disc shield launcher with one shield.

Available for $12.99 from KMart.

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