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Posted on Oct 24, 2011

Cars 2 Fully Loaded Finn McMissile | Spy Attack

Cars 2 Fully Loaded Finn McMissile | Spy Attack

Fully Loaded Finn McMissile or Spy Attack Finn McMissile

Fear not – they are one in the same. At the Spring Toy Fairs this toy was named Fully Loaded Finn McMissile, so that is what it is called in most of the media reports about hot new toys. However, late in the day the name was changed to Spy Attack Finn McMissile – perhapd because ‘Fully Loaded’ made him sound like a cheeseburger.

This toy is essential Michael Caine’s voice trapped inside a swish looking blue car, that also fires missiles. For any little boy who loved the Cars 2 film, or is getting it on DVD for Christmas, this will be a big hit.

Finn McMissile Spy Attack Demo Video

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