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Posted on Aug 10, 2011

Cepia DaGeDar Battle Balls Toys

Cepia DaGeDar Battle Balls Toys

DaGeDar Ball Bearings

DaGeDar Battle Balls is the hot new toy from Cepia.

They are weighted collectible ball bearings that challenge kids to use skill, speed and creativity to battle their friends.

There are more than 120 balls to collect, plus tracks and loops to run them on. Each ball represents a character with vibrant graphics.

There are no complicated rules. Kids can make up their own ways to play allowing for creative use of the play equipment.

And even better, it’s a battery-free toy!

The battle balls are weighted to approx. 33 grams, with steel core centers. Each measures approx 33mm in diameter, and features graphics to represent the character of the racer. They also have a code printed on the back which is used on the toy’s website (products not available to buy direct from site).

DaGeDar Commercial

If you haven’t seen the commercial for DaGeDar yet, then take a look at the video below – it’s the quickest way for you to understand how the toy works:

DaGeDar Gameplay

There are essentially two ways to play with the DaGeDar marbles: on a flat surface, or on a track.

There is no arena kit available to buy yet, so you’ll need to make your own enclosed space with a flat central area. Then use launchers to fire the balls at each other, or place balls in the Votrex Spinners (more on those later) and watch them bounce around, knocking each other out.

When playing with a track, kids can make up their own rules.

Maybe they will want to see who can successfully land in the cup at the end the most times, or race around the circuits, they can even time how long it takes to complete each trick.

DaGeDar Products

  • Pack of 2 balls – $5.99 – includes trading cards, and an activation code so you can research the character online at the official website.
  • Vortex Spinner – $4.99 – comes with one ball included. Place the ball in the spinner, then launch it into battle to wipe out the other balls.
  • Flip Case – $5.99 – available in black, orange or green. Can store up to 3 balls, and comes with 1 included.
  • Rapid Fire Launcher – $9.99. Can store, and rapidly fire up to 6 balls. For use when playing on flat surface – not compatible with tracks. Comes with 2 balls included.
  • DaGeDar Dual Fire Power Launcher – $9.99. Can launch 2 balls that the same time, but does not come with any balls included. No compatible with tracks.
  • Dual Top Speed Launch Gate – $7.99. Attaches to track to enable you to launch two balls at the same time.
  • Two Lane Battle Jump Raceway – $22.99. Race 2 balls side by side. No balls included with the set.
  • High Speed Score Zone Track – $14.99. Ball goes through the loop then lands in one of three points scoring zones.
  • Small High Speed Stunt Jump Track – $9.99. Ball goes through the loop, then jumps off the end of the track to land in the catch cup.

DaGeDar Reviews

A quick read through customer reviews left with online retailers, reveals that whilst kids and parents love the look and feel of the ball bearings, the tracks are not receiving the same level of love.

I found the most informative reviews over at Toys R Us. You will need to go into each product page where you can see a video and read customer feedback.

It is worth noting that the track with the best feedback is the based $10 set – so perhaps keeping it simple is the best way to go. You should also remember that you will need to buy the ball bearings separately, and you will need a little patience and practice to get the track set up successfully.

Where Can I Buy DaGeDar Battle Balls and Tracks?

These toys were released in the summer. You can find them in some toy stores or buy online from:

DaGeDar Nintendo DS Game (NDS)

The NDS game is due for release on 8th November and will feature 50 race tracks that need to be tackled and sped through with skill and agility. It is priced at $19.99 and you can pre-order now at Amazon.

Toy Tattle have been offered a game for review so visit us again soon to see how we rate it.

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