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Posted on Apr 15, 2011

Comparison of VTech MobiGo Touch vs Fisher Price iXL

Comparison of VTech MobiGo Touch vs Fisher Price iXL

Hand-held games consoles make great toys for kids. Every parent needs a toy that they can occasionally use to keep their child occupied while they are busy with something.

A games console is no substitute for parental interaction, but it makes a welcome break from the TV.

There are now so many kids educational handheld gaming systems available, it can be difficult to decide which one will be best suited to your child.

After you have bought the console, a game or two, and a carry case, you will have spent around $100. Doing your research before you make that investment will help you find the best console for your little one.

Take a look at the table below, which compares the two games systems.

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The VTech MobiGo Touch Learning System

This is a gaming system. It is not designed to be multi-functional like a mini-Nintendo DS, but is more like a fun mini-laptop. The QWERTY keyboard allows a your child to become familiar with the layout of a regular keyboard, and to be like mom and dad with his/her very own laptop.

Then he/she can slide the keyboard away, and use the buttons either side of the screen to play it like a handheld games console.

The MobiGo’s really exciting feature is it’s fully functional touch screen. Great for getting the kids engaged in the game.

The touch screen technology is especially useful for younger children who may find a stylus difficult to control. It’s not so great for adults who want to play while the kids are at school: your fingers will be too big – you have to get your own toys.

For an insight into what other parents think about the MobiGo, take a look at the reviews they have left on Amazon here.

The Fisher Price iXL

The iXL is completely different to the MobiGo, as it has multiple functions: an e-reader, a photo viewer, a music player, a notepad, an art studio, and a game player.
There is no keyboard. Instead it is operated via a stylus, which helps build fine motor skills and prepares young children for using a pen.

This console will require more input from parents, especially at the start. Although there is some starter software installed, you will need to upload your son / daughter’s favourite music and family photos if they are going to get the full benefit from the iXL’s functionality.

Find out what other parents think about the iXL by reading the reviews they have left on Amazon.

Choosing Your New Games Console

The real issue is the functionality. The iXL has a much greater range of functions, but these come at a cost of around $10 extra. Consider also that as an MP3 player it is quite bulky and not all that portable.

Also consider whether your child will prefer to use a stylus with the iXL, or his/her finger and a keyboard with the MobiGo. It is great for kids to have the opportunity to learn the layout of a keyboard, as typing will be an important skill through out their childhood. On the other hand, the stylus is helpful in developing pen control skills, especially in energetic children who may be unwilling to sit down and practice with a pen and paper.

To confuse you further, take a look at the Leapster Explorer. It is a similarly priced gaming console for childen aged 4-9 years, with a stylus. You should also keep in my mind that towards the end of the summer 2011, both VTech and Leapfrog will be launching iPad-style gamers for kids.

Find the MobiGo and iXL online at:
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