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Posted on Sep 24, 2012

Toy Tattle’s A-Z Guide to Construction & Building Toys

Toy Tattle’s A-Z Guide to Construction & Building Toys

There’s more to building and construction toys than that famous little dimpled brick.

Toy Tattle takes you through the A-Z of construction toy brands.

Metal parts make up versatile kits that can be reused to build different models.

Plastic sticks with connectors to make models and working machines.

Current hot licenses signed up with KNEX includes Angry Birds and Mario Kart.

Best suited to kids who like their models to have action features so they can play with them after construction.

Small LEGO-compatible plastic bricks from Hasbro. Prices are comparible to LEGO. They currently have sets themed for 3 big names: Battleship, Transformers, and Xtreme Ops.

Still the kings of construction, LEGO have some awesome lines for Christmas 2012, including Lego Friends, Dino, Monster Fighters, Ninjago, Friends, City, Marvel Super Heroes, and Pirates of the Carribbean.

Lite Brix
Lite Brix are a range of plastic construction bricks that are compatible with LEGO. Within each set there are a few bricks that light up, giving the whole model a lit-up appearance.

Now available as a number of sub-brands, including Erector (pictured), Build & Play, Space Chaos, Multimodels and Turbo (cars). Mosts sets contain only plastic parts, but the more complex kits, such as those in the Multimodels range have both plastic and metail parts.

Mega Bloks
This is an ever-expanding empire of bricks. Mega Bloks do their own ranges of basic bricks – jumbo First Builders; regular sized Mini Bloks; and tiny Micro Bloks. They also have licenses with some of the hottest toy brands in 2012 including Moshi Monsters, Halo, Power Rangers, True Heroes, World of Warcraft and The Amazing Spider-man (pictured).

Tiny building blocks that allow you to build small, palm-sized models, but with fine detail. Best suited to older children who enjoy a challenge have a huge amount of patience.

Techno Gears

Plastic gears, connectors, shafts and tunnels and connected together to create vast, colorful, complex marble runs.

Real bricks that are cemented together to create mini-buildings. Then dissolve the cement with plain water to free the bricks ready to reuse.

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