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Posted on Jun 29, 2011

FurReal Friends Cookie Pup – Playful Interactive Toy Dog

FurReal Friends Cookie Pup – Playful Interactive Toy Dog

Cookie the Toy Dog – New large interactive pup from FurReal Friends

Take a look at the picture then release a big ‘oowwwww’.

Is he the cutest robot you’ve ever seen?

Hasbro’s newest pet is FurReal Friends Cookie My Playful Pup – a plush covered animatronic Golden Retriever, and a seriously smart toy.

The soft and squishy exterior hides the state of the art technology that might save you from buying a real drooling, pooping pooch.

Touch recognition means that this pup will turn towards your caresses and bark and whine in response to your petting.

Cookie the toy dog also incorporates infra-red sensors and voice-recognition, so he can track the movement of his bone and respond to your words. The overall effect is spookily realistic.

And Cookie’s front legs are poseable so you can make him change positions.

Cookie Toy Dog Commercial

FurReal Cookie Pup Customer Reviews

For real parents’ hands-on reviews, check out the 20+ customer reviews left on Amazon, giving the toy an average of 4 out of 5 stars.

Most parents and kids love the large size, and realistic look of Cookie, but were a bit concerned about his battery-munching (4 x C batteries – ouch).

Buy FurReal Friends Cookie Online

FurReal Friends Cookie My Playful Pup Interactive Dog Toy is priced at $59.99 but you can usually find it in stock at cheaper prices. Check the current price at Amazon where there is usually 30% off.

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