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Posted on Aug 1, 2011

Count N Crunch Cookie Monster – Interactive Counting Toy That Eats Cookies

Count N Crunch Cookie Monster – Interactive Counting Toy That Eats Cookies

Summary: Check out this new for 2011 Sesame Street toy – a Cookie Monster toy that eats cookies!

In 2011, Playskool are bringing a fresh perspective to the Sesame Street team by launching a whole new line of toys. All your old favorite characters are being revamped to catch the attention of the next generation of Sesame Street viewers.

But while everyone is raving about the next big Elmo toy, don’t forget that there are other members of the Sesame Street family who would like to play.

Count N Cruch Cookie Monster Video Demo

This is the commercial for the blue dude – you may have already seen it on TV, you can be sure your kid has.

The Count And Crunch Cookie Monster counts as he eats his cookies, and is available now from Amazon for less than $30.

The First Animatronic Cookie Monster

Count N Crunch Cookie Monster is the first animatronic toy version of the popular character.

True to his on-screen personality, his main hobbies are eating cookies and giggling.

Feed Him Cookies, Tickle His Toes
Cookie Monster comes with a backpack and three cookies. Put the cookies in his mouth and he will eat them munching and crunching as he goes, and counting the number of cookies. When you run out of cookies, check in his backpack where they will have magically reappeared.

Cookie Monster also loves a good giggle. Tickle his feet and he will giggle and squirm.

He can also sing songs and will talk to you, telling you to feed him, and where you can find the cookies.

If you love the Sesame Street characters, check out the rest of the 2011 Playskool Sesame Street toy line.

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