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Posted on Sep 4, 2012

Craft Toys For Boys

Craft Toys For Boys

This post is a bit self-indulgent really. I have two boys, and I need to spend more time crafting with them, to help develop their fine-motor skills. But I really struggle to tear their attention away from their army toys and Nerf guns long enough to sit at the table and spend some quality time making something with me.

So while I was browsing through the craft toys on Amazon, and raiding Pinterest for craft for boys activities, I thought I’d pull it all together onto this post and hope it is helpful for other moms with sons.

Melissa & Doug, Decorate Your Own Train, $17

I love the Melissa and Doug craft kits. My eldest son has just completed a race car.

He doesn’t enoy painting without a purpose, but when given the task of giving a train or car a paint-job, he will spend hours concentrating on blending colors, and carefully using the brush.

Best of all, if you shop around, you’ll never need to pay full price for these kits as somewhere nearly always has them on offer.

This set is currently just $6 on Amazon.

Jacquard Tie Die Kit, $25

It’s not only girls that are interested in clothes, design and creating their own style.

Unleash his creatvity with a tie-dying session on some old or cheap t-shirts.

I love this kit as it includes everything you need to get started, and the packaging is completely gender neutral.

Paper Plates, Alex Toys, $15

Unless it’s a stick, a rock or a bug, then it may as well be invisible to my sons.

This kit is sure to catch the eye of even the most art-phobic boy as it contains everything you need to make 5 crawling critters.

If you already have a fully-stocked craft box, there’s no need to spend money on kits. Draw inspiration from my favorite Pinterest projects:

Stick People
Everywhere we go, my sons pick up a stick or a rock to take home with them. Now I know what to do with this growing natural collection – turn them into action figures!

Source: via Laura on Pinterest

Toilet Roll Bird Feeder

I love this craft because it helps teach boys about caring for and nurturing the animals in our neighbourhood.

Clothes Peg Caterpillars

A really easy project to get started with for even the most craft-phobic boys.

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