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Posted on Aug 30, 2012

Toy Tattle’s Pick of Parent-Friendly Craft Toys

Toy Tattle’s Pick of Parent-Friendly Craft Toys

Crafting should be fun but crafting with kids can be a drag – all the getting stuff out, 5 minutes of messy fun and then another 30 minutes cleaning up afterwards.

Here’s Toy Tattle’s pick of the best craft kits you will actually want to do with your kids.

Build Your Own Birdhouse, Melissa and Doug, $13

We love this kit as it results in a useful end product you can all enjoy.

Comes as a flat pack kit.

Screw the panels together then paint the leaves design on the front to create a beautiful bird home to encourage feather friends into your garden.

It’s My Life Scrapbook Kit, $22, Creativity for Kids

Sorting photos into albums is an item that permanently features on my own personal to-do list.

I love the idea of sitting down with my child and displaying those precious memories in a scrapbook.

This starter kit is designed especially for kids and contains the folder an ddecoration needed to complete their very first scrapbook.

Sculpey, $15 for 10 2oz bars

Play-Doh for grown ups.

Have fun making sculptures, doll’s food, jewellery, whatever you like.

The bake to make your creation permanent.

A much more satisfying end result than smooshing all the Play-Doh back into the pot.

All Duct Out, Alex Toys, $28

This craft activity is stupidly addictive, and once you’ve started, you’ll be spotting things everyday that you could make or improve with duct tape.

This kit includes 8 rolls of Duct Tape (3 yds ea), 3 cardboard templates, fabric template, 4 jump rings, 2 metal d-rings, 4 earring hooks, 2 plastic chains.

Blendy Pens, Giddy-Up, $15 for 12

I can see from customer reviews some people have been disappointed by these, but we have a set at home and I think they are awesome.

You squish the pen nibs together inside a special cap and some color transfers from one pen to the other.

Then when you use one of the pens they start out as the color that was on the opposite pen, and then slowly, the more ink you use, the closer it gets back to its true color.

I hope I have explained that clearly, but fear I’ve faild miserably.

Low on mess, high on calming therapeutic, gentle creativity.

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