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Posted on Apr 23, 2013

New Cut the Rope Toys in time for Christmas 2013 – sneak preview

New Cut the Rope Toys in time for Christmas 2013 – sneak preview

Vivid UK have this week been celebrating the success of their Cut the Rope collectibles range, called Nommies, and annoucing the new releases for Christmas 2013.

If you’re children haven’t heard of Cut the Rope, lucky you.

It is a highly addictive app that looks like this:

Cut the Rope App

The aim of the game is to feed Om Nom (the green blob), by strategically cutting the ropes attached to his food.

Sounds simple. And the first few levels are, but once you’re hooked the difficulty ramps up to include multiple ropes, bubbles, spiky traps and other barriers to Om Nom’s tasty treat.

Great for developing problem solving skills, planning, patience and persistence. Not so wonderful for social skills, creativity, and anything else your child might benefit from when playing in the real world.

Vivid UK’s range of plush toys and collectibles might be enough to tempt them back to reality – you can buy the full range from Amazon.

New Om Nom Cut the Rope Toys for 2013

From October 2013 you can start collecting Series Two Nommies, and there will be two new plush toys available: Superpowers Om Nom (£9.99), and Candy Monster Om Nom (£17.99).

No promotional images of the new products have been released yet, but I have tracked down this photo of a product available in Europe called ‘Candy Monster Om Nom plush’, which I think is likely to be released this October. When you pull the candy away from his mouth, Om Nom reels it back in again and makes app-inspired noises.

Candy Monster Om Nom
These are the toys currently available:

Collectible Nommies, £5 for 5 – look out for the special gold edition Nommies
Cut the Rope Nommies

Om Nom plush toys, £9 each -approx 6 inches tall
Cut the Rope Om Nom Plush

Talking 5″ Om Nom, £10 – chomps, munches and says phrases
Cut the Rope Talking Om Nom

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