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Posted on Jun 20, 2012

Cyco Cycle – The Psycho Bicycle Stunt Tricycle

Cyco Cycle – The Psycho Bicycle Stunt Tricycle

Cyco Cycle is not just a bike.

The Cyco Cycle is a stunt tricycle, making it a truly psycho cycle – now try saying that three times fast.

The CycoCycle combines the manoevurability of a unicycle with the stability or a tricycle – perfect for kids to practice their tricks.

The bike is only available in one color, yellow, and with one wheel size, 20-inches.

The seat is adjustable to accomodate people of different heights.

The saddle is mounted on a steel seatpost, and is a unicycle style with dual crab-handles for grabbing on to.

Cyco Cycle For Sale and Prices

The MRSP is $120, and you can find it online at Toys R Us, Target and Amazon.

Cyco Cycle Video

See the bike in action:

About the manufacturer:

Dynacraft brings families together by providing affordable, high quality bicycles for everyone. Based in American Canyon, California, Dynacraft is an industry-leading importer and distributor of quality bicycles for the entire family. With brand names that include Barbie, Dekra, Hot Wheels, Magna, Malibu, Next and Rhino, Dynacraft offer families a wide variety of innovative bikes in the very latest designs. Our bikes are manufactured to some of the toughest quality standards in our industry. Dynacraft always use top of the line parts and production methods, thus ensuring the safety and dependability of every bike we sell.

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