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Posted on Feb 13, 2012

New Deadly 60 Toys – Get your very own Steve Backshall

New Deadly 60 Toys – Get your very own Steve Backshall

Of the many kids TV programmes that assault my eyes and ears throughout the day, Deadly 60 is one of my kids’ favourites.

And I don’t think it’s too bad either, for purely eduational reasons of course (oh my, how did that awful photograph get there???).

If you have a wannabe animal expert in the family, you’ll be pleased to know there is now a Deadly 60 toy range.

The sets, made by Character Building, look like LEGO, and consist of small habitat playsets and micro-deadly creatures. You can buy separate packs of the animals, and if you buy a number of playsets you can join them together to create a huge and varied habitat for your creature collection.

Like the other Character Building figures, you can take the animals apart and swap bits about to create your very own monster-animals, adding a new dimension to the play.

Beside the deadly creatures, there are also 3 Steve Backshall figures available.

So the good news is, you can get your hands on Steve, but the bad news is he’ll be just 2 inches tall.

Use Toy Tracker to find Deadly 60 toys at the best prices

If you can drag your eyes away from Steve’s chest for a little while, take a look at this promotional video from Character which shows off the toy range rather nicely:

In the first wave of products, released January 2012, you will find:

  • Single micro-deadlies pack – £2
  • 5 pack of creatures – £8
  • Small habitat sets, available as ocean, rainforest and mountain – £10
  • Jungle set – £15
  • Safari set, including Steve, lioness and Jeep (pictured)- £30

The toys were only released in January, so they are not yet widely available. There are a couple of retailers stocking a small selection from the range, most likely to test for sales, before deciding whether to stock the full set.

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