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Posted on Oct 1, 2012

Awesome Dinosaur Toys Guide

Awesome Dinosaur Toys Guide

Wouldn’t it be useful if someone could write you up a toy guide of brand names that make great dinosaur-themed toys?

I’m way ahead of you.

Here’s my inspirational ideas for dinosaur-loving kids.

Perfect for Preschoolers
There are two ranges you should lookout for:
1) Imaginext – a Fisher Price brand for younger kids, with chunky, durable interactive toys. The newest dinosaur in the range is the Apatosaurus (pictured), which is 25cm tall, with removeable riding gear, and costs £20.

2) VTech Switch and Go – launched in 2011, this toy line features vehicles that transform into dinosaurs. The smaller figures are £16, and the Brachiosaurus (pictured), new for 2012, is £50.

Dino-themed Construction
For kids aged 6 years and up, LEGO do an awesome range of sets, simply called LEGO Dino.

Realistic Play
For super-scary dinosaur figures, with a decent paint job, look up the Schleich brand. The T Rex pictured is 25cm tall, and costs £13.

Dino-Themed Games
You can use his love of dinosaurs to encourage him to sit down for 2 miniutes and play one of these games with you.
Dino Bite Action & Reflex Game, £20, from Drummond Park- steal the dino eggs from the nest without T-Rex snapping at you.

Dinosaur Race, £12, from Orchard Toys – a board game where the dino characters race around the board.

Dotty Dinosaurs, £10, from Orchard Toys – a shapes and colours based game for younger children.

The Most Famous Dinosaur…
…is undoubtably Rex from Toy Story. Roarin’ Rex, £30, (pictured) is a 30cm doll with a soft body and solid head. Squeeze him and he roars.

And finally, for a good all-rounder
Take a look at the Chad Valley range of dinosaur toys from Argos featuring tubs of figures and playsets.

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