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Posted on May 14, 2012

Sneaky Peek at Disney Brave Film Toys

Sneaky Peek at Disney Brave Film Toys

The new Disney Pixar film, Brave, doesn’t grace our UK screens until 13 August 2012, but I thought you woud appreciate a sneaky peek at the toy line that will be released with it.

The film features the voices of some of our best British (oh OK, mostly they’re Scottish) actors and actresses:

  • Kelly Macdonald as Princess Merida
  • Emma Thompson as Queen Elinor
  • Kevin McKidd as Lord MacGuffin / Young MacGuffin
  • Billy Connolly as King Fergus
  • Julie Walters as Wise Woman
  • Robbie Coltrane as Lord Dingwall

The toys won’t be available in the UK until July, but that doesn’t prevent us taking a look and getting excited about them.

Brave Merida and Angus Gift Set
Articulated doll so you can bend arms and legs for positioning on the horse.

Brave Merida Gem Styling Doll

Merida doll in blue dress with reversible cape and archery set. You can decorate her dress and hair with sparkly gems.

Brave Merida Plush Doll

Stands 20 inches tall, with soft plush body.

Merida Barbie Style Doll

12inch articulated doll in blue gown.

Merida Toddler Doll

Brave Figures Set

Pixar Brave Video Game

Video game will be available for Nintendo DS, Wii, Playstation 3, XBOX 360 and PC / Mac.


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