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Posted on Aug 3, 2011

Disney VIP Dolls – Top Characters From Disney Channel TV Shows

Disney VIP Dolls – Top Characters From Disney Channel TV Shows

To celebrate their most popular TV characters, the Disney Channel have teamed up with Mattel to launch the Disney VIP Dolls.

The poster pictured features 6 characters, but the official Disney VIP website only features Hannah, Sharpay, Alex, Cece and Rocky.

Although the dolls are made by Mattel, the VIP dolls feature their own unique style so they don’t just look like a rebranded Barbie collection. Every doll comes with an outfit that the character has worn, plus accessories, and a hairbrush.

Each doll comes with a special code which you can use on the Disney VIP website to unlock special video footage.

Hannah, Sharpay and Alex dolls were released at the end of the Summer 2011, but you will have to wait until October for CeCe and Rocky.

Hannah Montana – Miley Cyrus – Disney Channel VIP Doll

The blonde Hannah doll features her characteristic rock-chick style, with a black sparkly jacket, purple poufy skirt, black rocker boots and black bead necklace.

She has her own silver microphone and handbag.

Sharpay Evans from High School Musical – Ashley Tisdale – Disney Channel VIP Doll

With her pink dress, purse, pearls and strappy high heels, Shapray is ready to party.

Plus you can brush her long blonde hair with the included hair brush.

Alex Russo from Wizzards of Waverly Place – Selena Gomez – Disney Channel VIP Doll

Alex loves to be brightly colored and well accessorized, and so does this doll.

With a vibrant print top, scarf, necklace, wrist band and belt this doll copies Alex’s kooky style.

CeCe Jones from Shake It Up – Bella Thorne – Disney Channel VIP Doll

Due for release in October 2011, this doll is wearing a stripy cropped jacket, layered t-shirts, neon boots, ripped jeans and a necklace.

Rocky Blue from Shake It Up – Zendaya Coleman – Disney VIP Doll

Rocky is wearning a cropped denim jacket over a punk ballet style dress and neon pink tights, with gray patent boots.

She also has a necklace and a bangle to finish her outfit off.

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