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Posted on Jul 11, 2013

Dobble Card Game Review and Giveaway

Dobble Card Game Review and Giveaway

I first set eyes on Dobble across a crowded hall, in the centre of London.

I was speed dating multiple toys at UKMumsTV’s Christmas in July event last week, but the other games didn’t stand a chance once I’d seen Dobble.

As soon as those brightly coloured picture cards caught my attention, I could here ‘Suddenly’ by Angry Anderson (Scott & Charlene, Gavin & Stacey) playing gently in the background, and everything else faded into soft focus (see photographic evidence below).


I spent a little while playing the rep from Esdevium Games (UK Dobble distributors), but she was supposed to be working (yawn), so sent me home with a freebie copy to play with Sons#1 and #2.

How To Play Dobble

Dobble Cards
The tin contains a stack of 50 cards, each with eight images on.

Now here’s the science bit: every card is unique and has only one picture in common with every other card in the deck.

My mind was blown. But it’s true. Take any card from the deck it will have one, but only one, picture in common with any other card you select.

There are five ways to play, using this matching principle:
1. Towering Inferno – each player starts with one card (face down), and the rest are stacked in the middle. When you match a symbol between your card and the top card on the tower, you take that card. The winner is the person who gains the most cards.
2. The Well – the opposite of the Towering Inferno – each player starts with a stack of cards, with one card in the middle, and the aim is to get rid of your cards as quickly as possible.
3. Hot Potato – each player has one card, if you match it to an opponents card you can pass it along. Keep going until one person is left with all the cards (I don’t like this one, so we don’t play it).
4. Gotta Catch Them All – out a circle of cards face-down, around one central card that’s face-up. One at a time flip over the cards, and the player who matches the new card to the middle card gets to keep it.
5. The Poisoned Chalice – set up as the Towering Inferno, but players are aiming to match the central card to their opponents cards.

Why I Loved It

Dobble Son1

* No set up time.
* Really easy to explain how to play.
* It’s small enough to take out with us.
* There is no turn-taking: all players play at the same time, making the game fast, and leaving no chance for the kids to get distracted.

Get Your Own

A Dobble tin costs around £12.99, and can be found on

In the US the same game is called Spot-It, and costs $13.99.

I’ve got one (brand new and sealed) copy of Dobble to giveaway. Open to UK residents only, and usual terms and conditions apply.

Enter using the Rafflecopter widget below:
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