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Posted on Oct 13, 2012

Toy Tattle’s Top Dolls Guide | Barbie is not the only dolly

Toy Tattle’s Top Dolls Guide | Barbie is not the only dolly

When it comes to dolls, Barbie is not your only option.

Have a scroll through this lot, and see if any of the alternative catch your eye.

Dolls Infographic v2

Dolls With Attitude

If your daughter wants dolls with style and attitude, there are plenty to choose from. But before you commit to buyig any of these brands, take the time to consider what your boundaries and values are. Some parents don’t like these dolls because they are heavily made-up, with adult style clothes on – a look they don’t want their daughters aspiring to. Other parents see these dolls as a bit of fun, and a way to keep older girls interested in toys for a little longer. There’s no right or wrong answer. But don’t wait until you are under pressure in a toy store to make your decision. Take the time to think about it, and if necessary share your thoughts with your daughter, now.

Look out for:
Monster High
Bratz & Bratzillaz
La Dee Da
Novi Stars
Pinkie Cooper

Tamer Fashion Dolls

Similar proportions but with younger styling:
Winx Club
Disney Princess
Moxie Girlz

Rag Doll Style Dolls

Gund Dolls
Manhattan Toy Groovy Girls
Intelex Candy Warmheart (which you can heat up in a microwave)

Baby Dolls

Baby Chou Chou
Baby Annabell
Baby Born
Manhattan Toy Stella
Melissa & Doug Celeste
JC Toys

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