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Posted on Jul 19, 2012

Don’t let games consoles squeeze out traditional toys

Don’t let games consoles squeeze out traditional toys

A word from The Toy Tattler: The SUMMER HOLIDAYS (so important they deserve full capitalization) are upon us, and so my hands are quite literally tied up with my two energetic (polite word for naughty) boys.

To keep the blog ticking over, the kind people from the Galt Toys Blog have written this post for me.

Games consoles will never replace traditional toys – a list of toys & ideas to get kids outside this summer

Sales of games consoles have rocketed in recent years, and it isn’t surprising that the latest games and consoles are what children are asking for these days.

But that doesn’t have to be all they ask for.

Parents are giving in because they have the firm belief that games consoles have and will continue to replace traditional play and toys.

But the reality is this doesn’t have to be the case.

All it takes is the introduction of other activities into your child’s life.

No one is saying that consoles should be banned, they are still a fun treat or activity for a rainy day, but that doesn’t mean your child can’t also enjoy the simple and traditional play that you used to enjoy as a child before consoles were brought out.

Getting your child to see the advantages of playing outside this summer needs to be equally as fun for them as sitting in front of their console, so think back to what your favourite activities were as a child.

‘Camping’ in the garden with siblings or a parent can be great fun when the weather is fine, and can be turned into an all day and even night activity.

Set up a tent and think of fun things you would do on a camping trip, like having a barbeque, exploring nature, telling stories.

You could even turn your tent into a ‘base’ for all number of games and activities.

Kids love nothing more than to let out all that energy by running, bouncing, skipping around like mad until they ware themselves out.

Trampolines have always been a favourite among children to keep them active and can’t be replicated by a games console.

If you don’t have a huge garden and want a small trampoline that can be folded away, check out the folding trampoline offered by Galt Toys.

If you do have the room, check out any toy superstore for full size trampolines with safety nets ranging from 8ft upwards.

Face painting and other craft activities can be taken out into the garden or down to the park.

Make a day of it by packing a picnic, and take a face painting kit so you can paint your children’s faces, and then take some messy crafts like painting, so they can be as messy as they want because its outside, and the park or garden can provide plenty of scenery and wildlife for them to paint or draw.

There are so many more activities and toys that can help encourage your child to make the most of the outdoors during the summer months, and it just requires a little imagination to create a full day of fun.

Got some ideas of your own? Let us know!

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