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Posted on Oct 6, 2015

Sons Get Elbow Deep In Disgustingness: Drumond Park Gross Magic

Sons Get Elbow Deep In Disgustingness: Drumond Park Gross Magic

Drumond Park sent us their latest 2015 edition of Gross Magic for review. All views are my own.

The Conclusion

Maybe you’re in a hurry and want to cut right to the chase.

I’m supposed to be telling you whether or not it would make a good addition to your Chrismas lists, but I’ve had a better idea. This would work fab as a half-term/Halloween activity. You could spend the week practicing magic tricks then put on a toe-curling, scream-inducing magic show for Christmas.

The Product Info Bit

Product: Gross Magic from Drumond Park
Price: £19.99
Age: 8 years and up
What’s in the box:
A collection of revolting tricks and jokes, including:
– Clean to Dirty Toilet
– Toilet Paper Cleaner
– Jumping Bogies
– Dangling Bogies (lots of other bogie related snottery)
ut an abominable bundle of repulsive Bogie Tricks that are bound to get everyone screeching with horror.
– Red Veins (rip them out of your own arms in agony)
– Magic Refilling Dustbin
– Hatching Cockroach Eggs
– Mind Reading (involves a squishy brain prop)

Plus a huge, detailed, extensive illustrated instruction booklet, which also includes ideas for tricks with everyday objects.

The Sons’ Feedback

Son #2 (8.5 years) mastered the toilet trick quickly, and didn’t want to try much else. He happily walked around the living room showing my entire extended family a magic trick involving a dirty toy bog, just minutes before Sunday dinner. He also loved the fake tooth. It is very convincing and there’s whole world of fun to be had with this prop.

Son #1 (10 years) has an older version of this magic set so he was very familiar with it, and expertly performing tricks within minutes of the box being open.

The Boss’s Feedback

(that’s me)
This is a challenging magic set. Children aged 8-10 years will need support to practice the tricks before they are ready to perform them smoothly. Older children, who are confident readers and have good fine motor skills should manage on their own. It may be helpful for an adult to spend a while practicing the tricks so they are able to answer any questions.

I would love to see some instructional YouTube videos to go with this set. Son #1 is considering recording one, but is currently camera shy, so alas, no video to go with this review.

Older Editions

If your child has seen this advertised on TV, they probably have the newest edition in mind. To help you buy the right set….’s a photo of the newest edition
…and here’s the previous edition

More Info

For stockists and to play games online, visit

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