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Posted on Jun 5, 2012

2012s Top Toy Farm Sets Available in the UK

2012s Top Toy Farm Sets Available in the UK

A toy farm is a must have for all little ones toy collections, providing opportunities to learn about animals, and sounds, while improving manual dextrerity and fine motor skills when manipulating the figures around the playset.

With so many toy farms to choose from, Toy Tattle has done the research for you, and here’s our pick of the most promising looking farm sets available to buy in the UK in 2012:

A Brand You Can Trust

The iconic Playmobil figures and playsets have been entertaining children for more than 30 years now.

If you are looking for a durable farm, with plenty of features, and the opportunity to expand with multiple add on pieces, then check out the new Playmobil Farm range.

The largest playset in the line is the Barn with Silo (pictured).

The set costs around £100, and measures a whooping 74cm long x 41cm wide x 26.5cm tall.

There are smaller sets in the range available if your budget won’t stretch that far.

Chunky Farm For Little Fingers

This is the Animal Sounds Farm from Fisher Price.

Just like the rest of the Little People range, these figures are perfectly proportioned for little hands, and offers plenty of opportunities for interactivity, entertainment and learning.

The set includes a farmer and 4 animals.

The animals have textured bodies and make noises.

Suitable for kids aged 12 months and up.

Expect to pay around £25.

Beautiful Farm For Girls

Oh my this is gorgeous.

This is the HappyLand Windmill Farm from the Early Learning Centre.

For £38 you get he windmill, which plays a tune when the sails turn, 4 animals, 2 people, furniture, and a cart to take them all to the farmer’s market.

It is that rare thing – a toy so pretty you don’t mind if it gets left out of the toy box.

Suitable for ages 18 months and up.

Farm Sand and Water Play Table

This sand and water table from Step 2 is themed around a farm.

There are two compartments for both sand and water.

A tractor with two carts runs around perimeter of table and through the middle separating sand and water compartments.

The barn acts as a tunnel and fits on track in multiple places.

Set includes farm figurines, tractor, two pull carts, shovel, barn, and funnel (sand not included).

Suitable for ages 2 years and over.

Expect to pay around £60.

This is the John Crance Tildo Oldfield Farm Set.

I picked out this farm because it most reminds me of the wooden toy farm I had when I was little.

This beautiful wooden set comprises of barn with loft and ladder, animal shed, farmhouse, pigsty, fences and wooden play base.

The roof panels attach with magnets making them easy for small hands to access, and enabling children to create their own farm scenes easily.

It costs around £40 and you need to buy the farm animals separately.

The cheapest price I have found is on Amazon, but lots of wooden toy retailers stock this one.

Suitable for ages 3 years and up.

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