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Star Wars Angry Birds Squinkies-style Fighter Pods | Toy Tattle
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Posted on Nov 21, 2012

Star Wars Angry Birds Squinkies-style Fighter Pods

Star Wars Angry Birds Squinkies-style Fighter Pods

Star War Angry Birds Squinkies

Here’s how the coolest toy for Christmas 2012 was created:

Angry Birds Star Wars Squinkies-style Fighter Pods

Step 1 – Take the enormously popular Angry Birds app, and bring to life in the real world.
Step 2 – Combine with epic Star Wars franchise to create ultimate Angry Birds characters.
Step 3 – Shrink down to teeny tiny size because anything small is super-hot in the toy industry this year.

Ta dah – there you have it – Star Wars Angry Birds Squinkies Fighter Pods. Sure they look like a lot like Squinkies, and they are similar in size. I’ve compared them side-by-side, and can tell you the Hasbro made Fighter Pods are harder (not at all squishy), and have a much better quality paint-job.

Here’s what’s in the range:

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