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Posted on Jun 18, 2011

Fijit Friends – Dancing Talking Interactive Toy Robot

Fijit Friends – Dancing Talking Interactive Toy Robot

Commonly mis-spelled as Figit, Fidgit or even Fidget Friends, Toy Tattle are tipping the Fijit Friends from Mattel and the newly released Fijit Newbies to be a super-hot toy for girls for Christmas 2011.

These little guys are 10-inch tall desktop interactive robots, with squishy malleable skin, Beat Detection and Sonic Chirp technology.

And now Toy Tattle will explain what all that press release jargon means.


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Fijit is desgined to stand on a bedside table and interact with your kid’s music, TV shows, and even respond to voice commands. But although it is a robot, it is also squishy and soft to touch – think stress ball rather than plush toy.

Each robot can understand more than 30 verbal commands or keywords and will repsond by choosing from 150 built-in phrases and jokes.

The Friends also loves to dance. Using Beat Detection they recognize different types of music and pull off funky dance moves according to the beat.

Sonic Chirp technology enables the toy to identify audio codes in certain TV commercials, webisdoes and mobile apps, and react with a pre-programmed response. Look out for a mobile-app to be released in the second half of this year that will make the most of this feature.

Fijit Friends will be available in four characters that each feature different colors, voices, ears and personalities:
* Willa – purple – trend-setting
* Logan – blue – sporty
* Sage – green – adventurous
* Serafina – pink – sweetie-pie

The toy is aimed at girls aged 6 years and up, but the styling is not especially girly, and Logan is a blue Fijit so young boys will probably enjoy these too.

Willa Demo Video

I usually like to include a video of the toy in action, but instead of the usual commercial, which you can see on TV anyway, I’ve added this short clip of Willa teaching a parrot a few moves. Enjoy!

Fijit Friends Customer Reviews

I think it would be fair to describe the reviews left by customers on the Amazon and Toys R Us websites as ‘mixed’. Whilst there are many 4 or 5 star reviews praising the interactvity and entertainment offered by this toy, there are also plenty of parents saying that they have had trouble getting it to repsond to the voice commands and that it eats batteries.

Before spending your money, take some time to read through what other parents have said about this toy, to decide if it will be right for your child. You might also want to look at the My Keepon toy which is a similar concept but has very different styling, and is made by a different toy company.

Find Fidget Friends In Stock At The Best Prices

To buy a cheap Fijit Friend you need to compare prices. Here are the best prices from some of the top online retailers.





New Baby Fijits – Newbies

As if searching for a regular Fijit wasn’t hard enough, Mattel have launched the Newbies just in time for the holiday season.

There are 8 of these little guys and they look like baby or maybe even pet Fijits.

You can play with one Newbie on its own, two together, or even pair a Newbie with a Fijit.

Toys R Us are charging $24.99 for these and they are selling out fast.

Check out Amazon who have Newbies from $14.99.

Useful Links

Check out the official Fijit Friends website here.

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