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Posted on Sep 21, 2012

Fine Motor Skills Toys For Toddlers

Fine Motor Skills Toys For Toddlers

Give a toddler an age-appropriate toy and they are instantly learning.

But some tots take a bit more encouragement than others.

For example Son#2 has some problems with fine motor skills, and had a strong preference for his dominant hand, and so miss opportunities to improve his grip, control and co-ordination in that hand.

And it’s no good only developing the fine motor skills of one hand – typing, cutlery, buttons – all pretty tricky with just one well-controlled hand.

So these toys don’t just help with fine motor skills, I’ve also suggested them because they often involve using both little hands.

Big Knob Puzzles from Melissa and Doug, from £5
Yes I did have a childish giggle when I came across the name. I wish I’d known about these when Son#2 was younger. He woudn’t go near a puzzle as he couldn’t grip the pieces properly.

Fisher Price Chatter Telephone, £7
Better than the modern mobile-phone-replica toys because this classic requires use of both hands. Your child will need to hold the handset with their non-dominant hand, helping develop grip strength.

Tomy Bathtime Octopals, £12
We had these at home, and they were useful for improving grip strength. Squeezing each octopus takes quite a good grip. Younger children will need to use two hands to do this, and older children won’t be able to resist holding one in each hand and racing the squirts.

Wooden Car Ramp Racer also know as a Click Clack
There’s lots of variations on this old classic, with cars, animals or just balls. Picking up the fiddly litte cars and putting them at the top of the racer helps develop manual dexterity. I found at home that the kids loved to hold one car in each hand so they could put them in the ramp one after the other.

VTech Tiny Driver, £14
Another old favourite in our house. There’s more than enough to keep two hands busy – one on the steering wheel and the other on the buttons.

Tomy Hide n Squeak Eggs, £7
I can’t tell you how many hours of fun we’ve had out of these. Son#2, since he was a toddler, has enjoyed taking the eggs apart and putting them back together again as he pretends the babies are hatching – this requires gripping with both hands.

All these toys and more available from Amazon’s Baby Store >>

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