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Posted on Oct 24, 2011

Fliker Scooters

Fliker Scooters

I can personally testify that these things are seriously good fun.

A couple of friends and I took their kids’ Fliker Scooters for a spin.

You don’t push off with one foot like you do with a regular scooter, except to just get you started. The scooter is powered by you gently swinging from side to side. To get up a good speed you will be rocking your bottom like you’re in MTV video.

The scooters can turn on a six-pence, which makes it easy to manoeveur, and even easier to fall off if you are going too fast.

All-in-all this is a great fun, more grown-up version of the traditional scooter.

The Fliker Baby and Fliker 1 are designed for younger children. If you are buying for a child under 6, get them to test out a friends Fliker or try one in a store first. It takes a little practice to get this right and I think young children will become quickly frustrated with it.

Fliker scooters are available to buy now from Toys R Us.

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