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Posted on Oct 26, 2011

Flufflings – Fluffy Bouncy Plush Pet Toys

Flufflings – Fluffy Bouncy Plush Pet Toys

Flufflings – big fluffy balls of fluff

Meet Mindy, Okki and Loco the cute and furry interactive pets – who love to be cuddled, rolled, stroked and rocked. They will respond with cute sounds and bounce up and down.

The three characters each have a different personality, although I’m guessingmost kids couldn’t give a stuff about that and will just pick their favourite colour.

  • Mindy- the pink one – the oldest, bossiest, giggliest Fluff.
  • Okki – the purple one – the quiet, middle Fluff.
  • Loco – the blue one – the youngest, adventurous, cheeky Fluff.

Each Fluffling requires 4 x AA batteries, which are included (hooray!!!). The toys are suitable for kids ages 3years up, and cost around £20 each.

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