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Posted on Nov 14, 2012

Fly Trap Board Game – Miraculously held the attention of Son#2 !

Fly Trap Board Game – Miraculously held the attention of Son#2 !

The toy: Fly Trap, from Esdevium Games.

The head spins around, and the aim of the game is to feed the plant with bugs.

There are four play points around the game – 2 people can be flicking bugs into the plant’s mouth, and the other two can squeeze on little hand pumps which force the plant’s mouth closed.

As featured on the Toy Retailers Association Top 8 games for Christmas 2012.

Why: Esvedium Games got in touch and offered to send me a game to review. Son#2 had already seen this game on TV, and put in a request to Santa, so I was more than happy to oblige. All views remain my own.

Who: Me and Son#2 aged 5 years.

How the test went:

Getting a good photo was tricky, as the teeth were causing glare - this plant has bright white gnashers!

Unpacking and assembly took just a couple of minutes. The air pumps and tubes are already attached, so be careful not to tug hard on those when removing the inner cardboard protection. I couldn’t figure out how to attach the arms with the launchers on, so I just slotted them into place under the plant pot, and they stayed there while we played.

We played with this for 20 minutes, which is the longest I have ever managed to engage Son#2 in a board game, as he is easily distracted.

It was surprisingly stable and didn’t wobble about, even though we were playing on quite a thick rug.

The bugs are tricky to place on the leaf ready for launching. There is a little peg to help them balance. Sometimes they roll off anyway, and sometimes I just dropped them because they are so small. Son#2 seemed to manage OK, so maybe my fingers are just too big.

The plant spins around at a good speed so sometimes you miss, and sometimes you get the bug in – not too easy and not too hard.

It was really easy to pack away, and next time will be easier to set up.

Mustn’t grumble, well not much anyway
Sometimes the plant got stuck when it was spinning, and jerked about. It’s not a fault – I’ve just looked on a demo video and the plant is supposed to do that to make it more challenging.

But I liked…
As previoulsy mentioned Son#2 has a short attention span and he can get quickly bored and frustrated. There were two things about this game I think that kept him really interested.

The first was that I was not especially good at it. So if he got frustrated about putting the bugs on, or aiming them into the mouth, I could point out (and throw a comedy tantrum) when I couldn’t get it right either. Because there’s a good degree of luck involved it seems to level the playing field a bit.

And, secondly, because there was just the two of us playing, he could switch between flicking bugs, or pumping the mouth shut, and that change of focus helped keep him playing for longer.

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